The PENTAX DCF ED series of binoculars combine Extra Low Dispersion glass elements, full reflection and phase coated prisms, hybrid aspherical lens elements and fully multi coated optics. Built to last with JIS Class 6 waterproof construction, DCF ED binoculars feature a durable magnesium alloy body and a hard coating to protect exposed lens elements.


Available in 8x43, 10x43 and 10x50 magnifications

The DCF ED binoculars are the first PENTAX binoculars to use ED glass, which nearly eliminates chromatic aberration. By utilizing ED glass in the objective lens, these binoculars can deliver extremely well-defined, vivid images.

Full multi-layer optical coatings that greatly increase the amount of transmitted light are applied to all Tran missive lens and prism surfaces. Super-reflective coatings, that reflect more than 99 percent of the incident light, are applied to auxiliary prisms, and phase-correcting coatings that enhance resolution and contrast are applied to prism roof faces. Together, these three types of coatings provide a bright, clear field of view.

The hybrid (glass and plastic) aspherical eyepiece lenses offer exceptional image performance with sharp image formation from the centre of the field of view to the edges.

The body is made from magnesium, which adds toughness while keeping the binoculars light. In addition, the exterior rubber coating provides the binoculars with superb resistance to shocks and impacts.

Waterproof and nitrogen filled (JIS Class 6) to handle the most extreme weather conditions

Hard coating on exposed lenses enhance the durability of the optical elements

Inner-focus optical design give a well balance, more durable construction

Short minimum focusing distance for easy observation of nearby subjects

Long eye relief design for comfortable viewing for long periods and easier viewing when wearing glasses

Locking diopter adjuster guards against accidentally moving the diopter setting

Helicoid four-stop eyepiece rings that permit fine adjustment for maximum viewing comfort


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