The PENTAX Papilio 6.5x21 and PENTAX Papilio 8.5x21 incorporate a mechanism that automatically compensates for the misalignment of right and left image fields at close ranges, facilitating the observation of insects in the field and exhibits at galleries and museums. The series is called Papilio, the Latin word for butterfly, because it was specifically developed to satisfy user demands for close-range observation of butterflies and other insects.


Effortless Close-Range Observation
The Papilio series features the PENTAX-developed Convergent Lens Optical System Engineering mechanism, which automatically slides the left and right objective lenses toward the center when the focus is fixed at a short distance. As a result, the right and left image fields are correctly aligned to facilitate close-range viewing. Thanks to its go-anywhere portability, this new series is also ideal for conventional binocular subjects, including spectator sports, travel and hiking.

Extra-Short Minimum Focusing Distance
The Papilio series offers a minimum focusing distance of just 50 centimeters (approx. 1.6 feet), considerably shorter than the two-meter distance (approx. 6.5 feet) offered by similar PENTAX models currently on the market.

Outstanding Optical Performance
The Papilio series features multi-coated optical elements to minimize unwanted light reflections for a well-defined subject image. The combination of aspherical optical elements and high-refraction BaK4 glass prisms assures a sharp, clear image with minimal distortion, even at the edges.

Long Eye Relief
The Papilio series offers a long 15-millimeter eye relief to assure effortless viewing of the entire image field, even for eyeglass wearers.

Protective Rubber Housing
The protective rubber housing not only protects inner mechanism from external shock, but also assures a firm, comfortable grip of the binocular body even in the field.

PENTAX-original dual-axis eye-distance adjustment mechanism for quick, effortless eye-distance control

Extendible helicoid-type eyepiece rings with a single-action pop-up/storage mechanism

Diopter adjuster with a click-stop lock mechanism to avoid accidental diopter shift

Neck strap with a quick installation/removal mechanism

Tripod receptacle for stable observation


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