The XCF series of porro-prism binoculars offer outstanding optical performance with multi-coated optical elements, excellent viewing comfort and a fashionable black-finish body encased in a full-body rubber housing. With four different magnifications to choose from, the versatile Pentax XCF series is ideal for almost any application — from casual viewing to serious observation.


Outstanding Optical Performance
Thanks to the time-proven porro-prism optical design, high-refraction BaK4 glass prisms and multi-coated optical elements, all XCF-series models offer sharp, high-contrast images with minimal aberrations.

Multi-coated optical elements
All models incorporate multi-coated optical elements to produce clear, bright images without flare.

Easy-to-operate center-focus system with large focus ring
The center-focus system allows accurate and speedy focusing on the subject with light fingertip control. Conveniently positioned at the center for easy access, the extra-large focus ring allows the viewer to adjust the focus without taking the eyes from the eyepiece rings.

Fold-back-type eyepiece rings
Made of soft but durable rubber material, the eyepiece rings can be easily folded back to make image viewing easier for eyeglass wearers.

Diopter adjustment
Incorporated in the right eyepiece ring, the diopter adjuster allows near- and far-sighted viewers to easily and quickly adjust the image to match their eyesight.

Fashionable body design with full-body rubber housing
The body is designed for more than just its superior handling comfort and flawless operations. Its full-body rubber housing effectively protects the internal mechanisms and optical elements from shock and damage, while its black finish adds a distinctive, attractive appearance.

Built-in tripod socket
In combination with a tripod and the optional Tripod Adapter-N, the built-in tripod socket is used to stabilize the binoculars and prevent unwanted shake, making extended observations easy and comfortable.


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