Repair Information for Ricoh Imaging Products

How do you get your Ricoh Imaging product repaired?

Simply forward the product to RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. by:

  • Please download and print this form to facilitate packing and shipping to us.
  • Your complete name, return address, email address and daytime telephone and/or fax number.
  • A note indicating the product model(s) and serial number(s). Please retain a record of this information for reference.
  • A brief description of the malfunction.
  • A copy of the dated proof of purchase receipt for warranty repair.
  • The validated international warranty card for the warranty repair of Ricoh Imaging products purchased outside of Canada.
  • Any accessory items like a lens, flash, or batteries that may be related to the malfunction.
  • Any sample images (unaltered), negatives, prints or slides that show the malfunction.

RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. has a service centre for warranty and non-warranty repair of all Ricoh Imaging Digital SLR Camera Bodies (ie. K-5II, K-5IIs, K-50), Digital SLR Lenses, Digital Interchangeable Lens System Cameras and Lenses (ie. Q7 and Q Mount Lenses), the 645D Medium Format Digital SLR Camera body and 645D Digital SLR Lenses, Digital Compact Cameras (ie. Optio WG-2, WG-3, MX-1, GR), Sports Optics, Flashes, Medium Format Cameras and Lenses, 35mm Compact Cameras, 35mm SLR Camera Bodies and 35mm Lenses.

2150 Steeles Avenue West, Unit #5
Vaughan, ON
L4K 2Y7
Phone: (905) 286-5585


RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC.'s goal is to ensure that you enjoy the use of your Ricoh Imaging product, and that it enriches your enjoyment of photography. Therefore, should you require any further information regarding the servicing of your Ricoh Imaging product, please do not hesitate to contact RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. directly. We look forward to being of service to our valued customers.

Out-of-Warranty Repair Information for Ricoh Imaging Products

No warranty shall cover any of the following conditions:

  • A Ricoh Imaging product no longer within its applicable warranty period.
  • Impact damage
  • Water/moisture damage
  • Foreign substance damage
  • Sand damage
  • Battery leakage
  • Misuse or abuse
  • Operation contrary to instructions provided in the instruction manual
  • Modifications or servicing provided by anyone other than a Ricoh Imaging authorized repair centre

RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, such as damaged memory cards, batteries, travel expenses, loss of time etc.

RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. will provide repair estimates to return malfunctioning out of warranty equipment back to factory specifications. The repair estimate will include labour and parts costs, and will be based on preliminary inspection of equipment. If, upon complete disassembly, further damage is discovered due to corrosion or other hidden damage, RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. does reserve the right to cancel the original repair estimate and issue a second repair estimate covering the additional necessary repairs.

Repairs will be performed only after the repair estimate is approved and payment is received. If the repair estimate is declined, we will return your equipment to you unrepaired for a $25.00 refusal fee plus taxes. Equipment will be returned unrepaired if no reply is received within 45 days of estimate; a $25 handling fee will apply.

Please Note: RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. only services the Canadian market and will only receive and/or ship product within Canada. If you live outside Canada and require service for your Ricoh Imaging product, please contact a Ricoh Imaging representative in your own country/region. Click here for a listing

Repair Warranty

All photographic repairs performed by RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. are warranted for a period of 3-months. This repair warranty applies specifically to the materials and workmanship related to the actual repairs performed. This repair warranty is domestic in nature and will be honored only by RICOH IMAGING CANADA INC. All other warranty conditions also apply.

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