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PENTAX wishes to announce the release of the Macintosh Updater for update the PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4. For correct update, you are required to have PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4 installed on your computer before hand. Please download the Updater file on your computer first, and update it.

*It is not compatible with previous version of software included PENTAX PHOTO Browser3 and PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory3.

Name PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4 (Version 4.41) Macintosh Updater.
Registered name (82.363Kbyte)
System requirement OS : Mac OS X 10.4.11 / 10.5 / 10.6
CPU : Power PC G5 Dual-core2.0GHz or higher (Intel Core 2 Duo processor 2.0GHz or higher recommended, Support: Universal Binary)
Memory : 2.0GB or more (4.0GB or more recommended)
Free disk space : 1GB or more (8GB or more recommended)
Monitor: 1280x800 or more (1920x1200 or more recommended), Can be displayed 24bit full color
Release date 2012/11/15

How to Update

  • Please download and save the file into appropriate folder on your Hard disk
  • Double click the downloaded file
  • The Installer will start, following to the installation display
  • When the installation will be completed and the massage is displayed, click [Finish].

Update history

[15, November 2012]

[Main changes from Version 4.35]
  • Correspond to K-5II and K-5IIs
  • Added lens data
    [smc PENTAX-DA 50mmF1.8]
    [smc PENTAX-DA 18-270mmF3.5-6.3ED SDM]
    [HD PENTAX-DA560mmF5.6ED AW]
    [HD PENTAX-D FA645 MACRO 90mmF2.8ED AW SR]
  • Corrected --- Easy Image Transfer may not function.
* Contents of [Version 4.11 to Version 4.35] will be also updated.

[12, April 2012]

[Main changes from Version 4.34]
  • Added lens data
    [smc PENTAX-DA 40mmF2.8 XS]
    [smc PENTAX-DA 645 25mmF4 AL [IF] SDM]
  • Updated library for reduction of tone jumping.
  • Corrected --- Help window may not display on version 4.34.

[13, July 2011]

[Main changes from Version 4.32]
  • Added GPS information (latitude, longitude, altitude and photographing direction) on the image data panel.
  • Updated Image processing engine and improved noise reduction processing for RAW development and enable to confirm effect of adjust level of the noise reduction function on the Image Preview Page.
  • Corrected --- When display the image by window display and cropping the image then save as a new file, it may shut down the software.
  • Improved stability of general performance.

[17, February 2011]

[Main changes from Version 4.31]
  • Added lens data. [smc PENTAX-D FA645 25mmF4AL[IF] SDM AW]
  • Corrected - The slider of [Correction Balance] and [Compensation] for Distortion Correction are reversed.
  • Corrected - Auto Correction of [Lens Aberration Correction] for image is taken by K-7 and K-x.
  • When [Working Color Management] is ON, RGB information is reflected on Main image view window display.
  • Corrected - Scroll bar display of Folders, Favorite and Image Processing Queue list.
  • Corrected - Drop-down menu display of tool bar.
  • Improved stability of performance for Slideshow.
  • Improved stability of general performance.

[28, October 2010]

[Main changes from Version 4.21]
  • Support for the K-r and K-5 camera.
  • Added [Bleach Bypass] mode on Custom Image function.
  • Add [auto correction] on lens correction item
  • Added lens data.
    [smc PENTAX-DA 18-135mmF3.5-5.6ED AL[IF]DC WR]
    [smc PENTAX-DA 35mmF2.4AL]
  • Improved response of general performance.

[22, July 2010]

[Main changes from Version 4.11]
  • Support for the 645D camera.
  • Added [Reversal Film] mode on Custom Image function.
  • Added lens data.
    [smc PENTAX-D FA645 55mmF2.8 AL[IF]SDM AW]
    [smc PENTAX-FA645 lens]
  • Improved stability of general performance.

[19, November 2009]

[Main changes from Version 4.00]
  • Support for the K-x camera
  • Added [Picture: Blue Sky] and [Picture: Sunset] on Image data display of the custom.
  • Added [Cross Processing] on Image Data display.
  • Added lens data – [smc PENTAX-DA L55-300mmF4-5.8 ED]
  • It is maintained the status of Image data display and Histogram display on main image display window.
  • Corrected - When viewing rotated image such as rotated by Windows Photo gallery, it may shut down the software.
  • Corrected - When cancel [Bold] of [Indicate changes in Image Data During Frame Advance], it is not canceled.
  • Corrected - When display image that is captured with AF select, AF area mode on Image Data is displayed [- - - -].
  • When [Save as….] is selected, image cannot overwrite to original file. It is changed to enable overwrite with permission of user.
  • Corrected - The value of the white balance fine-tuning is not reflected to Fine tune of camera setting on White balance setting.
  • Corrected - The coordinate value of Cropping is not reflected on the image.
  • Improved stability of general performance.

PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4 (Macintosh) Updater Software License Agreement

The customer (hereinafter "the user") shall verify the following items below related to the use of the licensed software supplied to the user by PENTAX RICOH IMAGING COMPANY (hereinafter "PENTAX RICOH IMAGING").
The download starts when you press "I agree. Start download." on this software license agreement.

  1. Definition of terms
    • Licensed software: "Licensed software" means the captioned program in a format that the user can download from the PENTAX RICOH IMAGING website or from a site empowered by PENTAX RICOH IMAGING.
    • Use : "Use" means the user downloading and retrieving the licensed software from the PENTAX RICOH IMAGING website or from a site empowered by PENTAX RICOH IMAGING.
    • Designated machine: "Designated machine" means the single computer system set up in order for the user to use the licensed software.
    • Reproduction: "Reproduction" means reproducing the licensed software on a storage device in the same format as the user downloaded or a different format.
    • Modification: "Modification" means performing alternations or making additions to the licensed software, or creating separate software that makes use of all or a portion of the licensed software.
  2. Grant of license
    PENTAX RICOH IMAGING grants a non-exclusive license to the user on the condition that the user uses the licensed software in accordance with the terms and conditions of this software license agreement. The user may only use the licensed software on the designated machine.
  3. Reproduction of the licensed software
    The user shall not reproduce the licensed software for purposes other than to save and backup the licensed software intended for use on the designated machine.
  4. Modifying the licensed software
    The user shall not modify or reverse engineer the licensed software for any reason.
  5. Property rights and copyright
    The copyright and other property rights for the licensed software and for reproductions of the licensed software belong to PENTAX RICOH IMAGING regardless of any reason. The user shall not remove the copyright notations from the licensed software or from reproductions of the licensed software.
  6. Grant of sublicense
    The user shall not transfer possession of the licensed software or reproductions of the licensed software to third parties, and the user shall not transfer the license nor grant a sublicense of the licensed software to third parties.
  7. Agreement period
    This software license agreement is effective on the day the user starts using the licensed software and is valid until the time the user stops use. Provided that, when the user has violated any portion of this software license agreement, PENTAX RICOH IMAGING may revoke the license granted to the user for the licensed software and terminate the software license agreement.
  8. Obligations after termination
    After the software license agreement is terminated, the user, at the user's own responsibility, shall dispose of the licensed software after rendering it into a state where it cannot be used by third parties, and dispose of reproductions and modifications of the licensed software, and all materials related to the licensed software.
  9. Guarantee of the licensed software
    PENTAX RICOH IMAGING shall not guarantee that the licensed software is suitable for the user's designated purposes, or that the licensed software is useful, or that this licensed software is free from defects, nor shall PENTAX RICOH IMAGING make any other guarantees related to the licensed software.
  10. Exporting the licensed software
    The user shall not directly or indirectly export all or a portion of the licensed software without obtaining the necessary permission from the Government of Japan or the governments of the relevant countries.
  11. PENTAX RICOH IMAGING's responsibilities
    PENTAX RICOH IMAGING assumes no responsibility under any circumstance for direct or indirect damage or damage from ripple effects that occurs from using the licensed software, for damage to data, programs, or other intangible properties, or for loss of usage benefits and lost profits.
  12. Responsibility for employees
    The user assumes all responsibility that the user's employees (those employees that the user has a responsibility to manage or monitor based on an employment relationship) fully comprehend the obligations set forth in this software license agreement and faithfully fulfill those obligations.

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