PENTAX K-1 Upgrade Service

RICOH IMAGING is pleased to introduce the PENTAX K-1 Upgrade Service, which allows owners of the PENTAX K-1 to add the advanced functions of the new PENTAX K-1 Mark II to their PENTAX K-1 camera.

Overview of the K-1 Upgrade Service

  • The Upgrade Service will be available for a limited time only - from May 21, 2018 until September 30, 2018.
  • In Canada, the Upgrade Service will be handled by Sun Camera Service Ltd., Ricoh Imaging's Authorized Canadian Service Centre.

What will be done to your camera during the Upgrade Service

The PENTAX K-1's main circuit board will be replaced to add new functions featured in the new PENTAX K-1 Mark II.

In addition, the current SR logo on the PENTAX K-1 will be replaced with the new PENTAX K-1 Mark II logo. As well, the certification seal on the bottom of the camera will be changed from [PENTAX K-1] to [PENTAX K-1 Mark II].

How to Order PENTAX K-1 Upgrade Service

  • Contact the Authorized Service Centre. They will be able to provide information regarding where to send your camera, Upgrade Service cost and estimated service turnaround time.
  • Click Here to download the PENTAX K-1 Upgrade Service Agreement Terms & Conditions document. Fill out the required information and sign and date the document. Include a copy of the completed document with your camera or email a copy to the Authorized Service Centre. Please note that the Authorized Service Centre will not be able to commence the Upgrade Service until they receive a signed copy of this document.
  • Send your camera to the Authorized Service Centre. Be sure to package your camera carefully using ample padding material to prevent damage in transit. Remember to include your completed PENTAX K-1 Upgrade Service Agreement Terms & Conditions document with your camera.

Ricoh Imaging Canada Inc. Authorized Service Centre

Sun Camera Service Ltd.
2150 Steeles Avenue West, Unit #5
Concord, ON
L4K 2Y7


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